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Gamble pays immediate dividends for downtown architectural design firm

Lorin Emtage knew he was taking a risk when he contracted with vCTO Secure to manage the information technology systems for the architectural design and construction company Unispace in downtown Seattle.

“Sure, I could have played it safe and signed up with one of the two large corporate providers who were bidding for our business,” Emtage said with a smile. “But there was something comforting about shaking the hand of the CEO. The look in eyes of Jonathan Wood and his assurances made me comfortable that we would be well taken care of.”

The project executive remembers how Wood returned for the second round of interviews with a complete analysis of the IT network in the Columbia Tower, with recommendations on where his company could improve efficiency and uptime. The new provider added capacity and disaster recovery to the existing Unispace network.

Emtage’s decision provided immediate benefits. Less than a week after he signed a two-year contract with vCTO Secure, the company servers went down, just as Wood had predicted.

“His report was dead-on,” said Emtage. “Thankfully, Jonathan had already installed back-up servers and we were back on line before anybody even knew there was a problem. It was seamless.”

Wood’s confidence in his procedures and his team of professionals gave Emtage all the information he needed to make an informed decision. Unispace, he said, will replace hardware as needed with vCTO Secure to assure the firm always has the best available hardware and software to serve its clients.  

“IT is the backbone of our company,” said Emtage. “We cannot afford downtime or the possibility that our security could be breached. That’s why we trust Jonathan and vCTO Secure.” 


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Thursday, 08 June 2023

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