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How to Obtain Secure and Reliable File Sharing

How to Obtain Secure and Reliable File Sharing

Getting your organization’s file-sharing policies and procedures right can make the difference between efficient, collaborative operations and inefficient and cost-wasting ones. This can get tricky, however. In today’s blog, we’ll go through some of the best practices your organization can implement to get the most out of its file sharing.

Address File Sharing Directly

Most of the files shared happen when your employees are at work. Instead of having lax data protection standards, make data protection a priority. You can accomplish this by finding solutions allowing employees to work within email to send and receive files instead of finding another third-party platform.

Lean Toward Business-Class Solutions

Consumer-grade file-sharing services can often present vulnerabilities and create problems with meeting compliance regulations. You will want a solution that provides security controls, including access control, expiring access, and e-discovery options. 

Use a Cloud-Based Platform

Regardless of your needs, a cloud-based file-sharing solution has major benefits. It presents optimal setup speed, and cloud-hosted apps are hosted on constantly maintained hardware that enhances overall performance. Additionally, cloud-hosted file-sharing solutions are typically backed up should some type of problem make retrieving access to a file important.

Consider an Integrated System

Instead of finding a stand-alone solution, using an integrated system with key capabilities such as email security could be a much better option for your business’ file security. The more you can work to streamline your entire business software without making security compromises, the better off your organization will be.

Train Your Staff

One element of a successful file-sharing system that isn’t in the marketing materials is how much better it will all work with comprehensive training. Your staff needs to understand how to handle all types of data and the risks inherent in a failure to do so competently. You need to train them on what data can and can’t be shared outside of the business and how to use the solutions you choose to maximize security. 

Don’t Put In Too Many Obstacles 

Maintaining data security and free data flow within your business is extremely important. Finding a business-class solution with the ease of use of consumer-grade ones is important, especially if you work with a workforce spread out over a lot of space. The more difficult the solution is to maneuver, the more risk you run that the security of shared data is compromised. 

We Can Help

At vCTO Secure, we can help your organization with data flow, file security, and efficient file sharing. To learn how we can help, call us today at (206) 895-5595.

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